Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Facilitate a seamless clinic visit journey with
an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have been integral in transforming the healthcare industry and has become an essential tool to running an efficient clinic in the modern world. An increasing number of healthcare practitioners around the world are adopting EMR into their practice and reaping the benefits of EMR adoption in their healthcare facility. Additionally, the benefits of adopting EMRs also extends beyond the practice, and to the patients.

What is an EMR? Electronic Medical Records (EMR) provides healthcare practitioners fast and secure access to digital versions of their patients’ medical records through a Clinic Management System (CMS), whenever they need them. This provides clinics the ability to optimise various mundane and routine tasks, eliminate long queues and waiting times, and freeing more resources to focus on patient care.

Optimise workflow & attain better clinic efficiency with EMR integration.

How can clinics benefit from adopting EMR?

Comprehensive patient information on one screen

EMR provides comprehensive patient information that includes patient demographics, medical history, medication allergies, immunisation status, laboratory test results, radiology images, personal indicators, and billing information. EMR also reduces the risk of medical errors as doctors are instantly equipped with crucial information like patients' allergies to drugs or other potential issues. Doctors can make an informed diagnosis in less time by reviewing all their patients' medical records in one place.

Enhance patient care & outcome with better co-ordination

EMR enables clinics to maintain and track patient data on a single, unified platform. This feature fosters seamless communication among all clinic personnel and reduces the likelihood of conflicting or duplicate information. It also provides easy and quick access to patient information, saving time and resources. EMR facilitates remote monitoring of patients, thereby enabling early detection of potential issues. Furthermore, EMR allows clinicians across various specialists and disciplines to collaborate, which results in improved patient outcomes.

Optimise clinic operations & workflow

Accessing EMR via a Clinic Management System (CMS) helps clinics streamline their operations and increase productivity while reducing paperwork. CMS automates many tasks, including automatically generating appointment reminders, alerting patients as they approach milestones, creating a queue management module that cuts wait times, sending referrals and prescriptions seamlessly, tracking stock levels and automatically ordering medicine to ensure sufficient inventory levels. Additionally, patient tracking makes it easy for billing and insurance claims to be filed promptly.

Acheive clinic success and growth with better data analysis

Healthcare practitioners can now gather comprehensive medical data and uncover valuable insights through in-depth analysis. The datasets allow the clinic to identify patterns, trends and gaps in the current practice and understand correlations between various factors and their impact on patient outcomes and clinic financial status. This analytical approach monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of clinic operations, allowing for timely interventions, which is vital for the practice's continuous improvement and long-term success.

Start planning for your clinic's growth with the time and resources saved through EMR adoption.

Access EMR with Galen Health CMS

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a powerful tool for healthcare providers that can improve patient engagement, reduce healthcare costs, and give patients greater control over their healthcare. Galen Health CMS offers additional features that complement the EMR, making clinical practice more efficient.

Secure with
End-to-End Encryption

Cloud-based Storage

Quick Patient Information Search

Capture& Retrieve Patient Indicators with ease

Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management

Integrated with various laboratories

Easy Primary Care Network (PCN) Submission

Scheduling & Registration Module

Internal Memo & Notes

Able to cater to specialist practice requirements

Seamless Billing, Payment and Claims Submission

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