Drug Inventory Management

Manage clinic inventory with ease

Galen Health CMS (Clinic Management System) cloud-based software offers an
integrated approach to clinics’ inventory management, from monitoring stock levels and
managing storage of drugs to forecasting inventory requirements, automating the entire
procurement process, and optimising inventories across multiple locations.

Inventory Management

Get rid of manual counting and paperwork, streamline inventory management, and improve your clinic productivity and ROI with Galen Health.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

A real-time overview of on-hand stock levels and inventory movement on one system makes it efficient for healthcare providers to monitor its inventory across all clinics. Coordinate and synchronise inventory management between staff, clinics, and vendors, creating an efficient and organised environment and minimise potential human errors.

Seamless stock tracking

Manage, track and update stock levels and movements instantly. With access to crucial data such as, drug batches, inventory count or status of orders, clinics can trace and locate specific stock and pull insightful information about inventory quickly and accurately.

Automated & streamlined processes

Maintain greater control over your inventory management and optimise inventory turnover by automating various processes such as purchase requisitions, re-orders of depleted stocks, approvals, arrangement and tracing of internal transfers and deliveries, and even ensuring that drugs purchased earlier get dispensed first.

Maintain optimal inventory levels

Reduce inventory shortages and wastages by ensuring that clinics operate with an optimal stock level to meet patients’ needs. Avoid unnecessary costs from obsolete and excess inventories by understanding inventory demand, setting stock level targets, and automating future inventory requisitions.

Improved inventory planning

Make strategic and informed decisions with customisable reports that provide detailed data on clinics’ inventory movements. Historical data and metrics ease cycle counting, allowing for better planning, and forecasting that helps reduce operating costs and increases clinic efficiency.

Take control of your clinic’s inventory management with
Galen Health CMS.

Key features of Galen Health CMS Inventory Management Module

Real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts and notifications that notify clinics when stock levels are low, stocks are about to expire, or a purchase order is due for delivery.

Batch Number Tracking

Assign batch numbers to drugs and
trace batches with barcodes making it easier to retrieve essential information such as expiry dates, manufacturing dates, and the movement of each batch.

Stock aging analysis


Determine if the drug is a slow- moving or fast-moving item and provide reliable future forecasting of the drug by analysing the average drug usage for a period of time.

Comprehensive Drug Movement Report

A virtual paper trail for effective inventory control with a comprehensive report detailing every information and movement from the time of purchase to dispensing of the drug.

Automatic Reorder

Ensure stocks in the clinics are at their optimal level with the automated placement of orders when the stock reaches a predetermined level.

Three-Way Match for GRN

Synchronises goods received note (GRN), purchase order, and invoice to ensure the accuracy of the orders from the items sent, quantities received, and amount invoiced.

Streamlined Procurement Process

Easily make inventory orders by selecting from a list of vendors in the system and inputting the required quantity. A purchase order will automatically be generated and sent to the vendor via e-mail.
drug inventory management

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Galen Health has been providing comprehensive solutions to clinics across Singapore since 2017.
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