Clinic Workflow Automation

Create a positive clinic working environment by driving consistent workflow

Galen Health CMS (Client Management System) helps clinics elevate the quality of their healthcare
services by accomplishing consistent workflow that improves communications and coordination
between clinic personnel. Gain more control over clinics’ SOPs and approvals, speeding up processes,
decision-making and overall clinic efficiency.

Boost clinic's productivity and foster a great clinic environment by automating existing workflow. Streamline processes and improve clinic operations with Galen Health

Better Clinic Communication & Work Culture

Automating approval workflow promotes higher transparency, provides visibility, and improves collaboration for everyone in the clinic. Clear communication on individual tasks fosters an excellent work culture, thus enhancing employee satisfaction, making the clinic environment pleasant and productive for everyone.

Increase Trust & Control

Workflow automation allows more control over various processes by managing information access. Set up approval parameters and establish ownership over the delegated tasks with ease. Higher transparency and clearer indication of everyone’s role creates accountability and promotes trust amongst each stakeholder. Discrepancies can also be quickly resolved as all decisions and approvals are captured within the systems.

Identify Process Inefficiencies & Opportunities

Mapping workflow processes reduces dependency on human effort, cuts out redundancies, repetition and errors from manual entries and identifies stages that causes bottlenecks. In addition, process mapping assists clinics in setting key performance indicators to track and monitor the clinic's progress. Using this data, clinics can identify areas that can be automated, further streamlining daily operations.

Improve Audit readiness

Workflow automation automatically records and captures details pertaining to every step of the process. This makes information easily retrievable from a single platform and can be viewed whenever the information is required. Automated workflows can provide a documented audit trail of all activities related to patient care processes, which can help to demonstrate compliance during an audit.

Galen Health software can be customised to meet the needs of smaller or larger clinics and caters to different practices and operating models.

Eliminates workflow confusion and complete tasks that could take days, in minutes with Galen Health

How can Galen Health workflow automation help your clinic?

Manual, Expensive,
Error-prone workflow

Automated, Cost-savings
Streamline Workflow

Manual, Expensive,
Error-prone workflow

  • Manually record & retrieve of patients information
  • Manually verify scheme inclusion from various portals
  • Manually calculate & include subsidy in invoice
  • Patients lab reports & data are stored separately
  • Documents are physically archived taking up clinic space
  • Manually collate & upload Claims data to different portals
  • Cramp and inefficient clinic environment
  • Increase risk of errors due to manual processes.
  • Limited workflow & processes visibility
  • Unmanaged workflow casing confusion between clinic staffs
  • Longer waiting due to manual data verification & retrieval
  • Unproductive use of staff time to resolve avoidable errors
  • Additional cost to resolve bottlenecks, delays and disputes
  • Unmanaged queue system and slow consultation
  • Chaotic clinic environment
  • Unsatisfied, confused & frustrated patients
  • Constant staff turnover from growing workload
  • Increase in headcount to manage process ineficiencies
  • Unable to identify and resolve issue quickly causing backiogs
  • Restricted data on clinic trends causing repeated mistakes
  • Losing growth opportunities
  • Record & Retrieve of patients information, instantly
  • Automated verification of scheme inclusions
  • Subsidies automatically calculated & included in the final billing
  • Access patient lab reports & store clinical notes, on one screen
  • Data stored in cloud for easy retrieval
  • Submit claims from various schemes through one system
  • More clinic space to facilitate inventory management
  • Reduce & eliminate human error
  • Full visibility of workflow & processes
  • Better communications between clinic staffs
  • Faster processing time & quicker access to documents/data 
  • Free up time for staff to provide value-added services
  • Accelerates task completion & reduce cost from error/disputes
  • Accommodate, consult & diagnose more patients
  • Cohesive clinic workflow
  • Pleasant & convenient patient journey
  • Greater working environment & better staff satisfaction
  • Higher volume of completed task without increasing headcount
  • Expand automation across multiple processes on one platform
  • Consolidated reports to monitor performance
  • Better planning & make strategic decisions

Why Galen Health?

The Perfect Clinic Management, built for Solo Practitioners and Medical Groups

Galen Health has been providing comprehensive solutions to clinics across Singapore since 2017.
Our software has been extensively tested and trusted by over 150 clinics and has served
approximately 3 million patients, to date.

Our expertise stems from years of in-depth experience & knowledge from the clinics we service,
supported by our dedicated team of experienced developers.

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