Cash Flow & Revenue Management

Unlock financial insights and boost revenue management for clinics’ success

Galen Health Client Management System (CMS) aims to help practitioners & healthcare providers gain financial insights and business intelligence to make strategic and data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes and elevate clinics’ services operations. Galen Health CMS makes managing clinical audits, budgeting forecasting, revenue management and performance analysis straightforward.

Identify untapped growth potential, tackle problematic areas, and predict future trends to achieve financial efficiency and clinical excellence with Galen Health.


Revenue Management

Make strategic financial decisions to enhance patient care and maximise clinic performance with
Galen Health CMS.

Comprehensive revenue management

With an integrated billing system, clinics can easily pull real-time reports, providing complete visibility and the ability to monitor the clinics' metrics and performance at any given time. By being able to dive into specific details of every financial process, such as payments, profits and revenue, clinics can ensure they always operate at peak performance.

Detect bottlenecks and errors

Having financial insights helps detect bottlenecks and problematic patterns within clinics' operations. These insights allow clinics to develop and quickly implement strategic actions to resolve issues, thereby improving clinics' processes and workflow. Additionally, by tracking the progress and outcome of the action, clinics can monitor and ensure that the solution implemented has a positive long-term impact.

Confidence to make strategic decisions

Aside from providing ease in retrieving up-to-date data, a clinic management system could store data over time. Comparing data over specific periods gives clinics a better understanding and analysis of their trends and performance. This information is integral in helping to identify problematic cash flows, forecast clinical budgeting and make strategic decisions that determine the clinics' financial success.

Streamline financial processes

Utilise real-time data to retrieve financial information in seconds. From monthly sales figures to pulling information for clinical auditing or reporting, a clinic management system helps clinics obtain consolidated data and reports instantaneously. By speeding up tedious processes, practitioners and healthcare providers can spend precious time working on expanding clinics' services and enhancing patient care.

Accelerate your clinic's financial growth with Galen Health.

Key features of Galen Health CMS analytical tool

Real-time financial visibility

Get a full overview and up-to-date information about clinics’ operations, billing and financial performance with the help of the Galen Health CMS dashboard. The intuitive dashboard offers clear visuals and data points that simplify revenue management and tracking performance across different processes, allowing clinics to identify and address potential problems or opportunities at an earlier stage.

Automated financial workflows

Automate financial workflows and bridge data between payment received, claims, and inventory sales, on a single platform. Increase clinics’ operational efficiency by creating defined workflows that reduce processing time, eliminate errors from manual re-entry and improve reporting accuracy.

Consolidated Data

Consolidate real-time data from various financial processes across multiple entities and sources using our cloud-based clinic management software. Build detailed reports and customise specific analytics metrics tailored to clinics’ reporting needs and requirements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Obtain extensive information about clinics’ performance with the clinic management software’s functionalities and clinical analytical tools. With the help of a comprehensive reports, clinics can gain insights into their financial health and make data-driven decisions that benefit the clinics future.

Why Galen Health?

The Perfect Clinic Management, built for Solo Practitioners and Medical Groups

Galen Health has been providing comprehensive solutions to clinics across Singapore since 2017.
Our software has been extensively tested and trusted by over 150 clinics and has served
approximately 3 million patients, to date.

Our expertise stems from years of in-depth experience & knowledge from the clinics we service,
supported by our dedicated team of experienced developers.

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